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75 plus 5 2020
75 plus 5 2020

75 plus 5

The ultimate best!

75+5 is the ultimate year-round event for poker fans. In 2018, we have left this classic event largely unchanged.

Win tickets for the following month's tournaments in the Month-Over-All.

Win ‘500 tickets’ you can use at our Deep Stack Tournaments and X-Mas Festival in the Year-Over-All. Look forward to additional prizes in the form of 3 luxury watches from our premium partner, Epple Jewellers, from Wiesbaden.

Win cash and cash only in our Grand Final.

The Month-Over-All

Tickets please!

The motto of our Month-Over-All is win and continue playing. That's because the first 3 winners can look forward to receiving tickets to our 2018 poker tournament series.

1st place wins 3 tickets
2nd place wins 2 tickets
3rd place wins 1 ticket

All the tickets can be used for tournaments that take place in the following month. The tickets are non-transferable. Our 75+5 tournaments take place every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You get to play No Limit Hold'em freeze out with a starting stack of 4,000 and a level time of 30 minutes.

The Year-Over-All

Watch out!

Make sure you come to every tournament on time. Our premium partner, Epple Jewellers, from Wiesbaden, has put up 3 fantastic watches as prizes again.
The 3 winners with the best points score also receive '500 tickets' for our Deep Stack Tournaments and our X-Mas Poker Festival.

1st place wins a classic under watches, a Rolex Perpetual with a white dial and six '500 tickets'.
2nd place wins a Breitling Avenger 2 with a black dial, a prime example of power and action and three '500 tickets'.
3rd place wins an exclusive Nomos Tetra in the ‘Doctors Without Borders’ edition with a manual winder and one '500 ticket'

The Grand Final

Get the cash!

Prize money of at least 40,000 Euros is guaranteed in the Grand Final. The 60 best points scorers get to meet in the Grand Final at the beginning of 2019.
The prize money will be paid out completely to places 1-10. The winner receives 32 percent of the prize money.

You only get that kind of poker from the Number 1 in poker tournaments.

Give me 5

5 Euros from each buy-in go into our annual pool. 100 percent of all buy-ins are paid out. We do not charge an entry fee. Our 75+5 tournaments take place every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Participation is limited to a maximum of 50 players.

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