Spielbank Wiesbaden
What you need to know
What you need to know

What You Should Know

Whether you wish compete with Lady Luck, challenge the fate written in the stars, or test the accuracy of probabilities, we look forward to welcoming you. To make sure you get in without any problems, we would like to provide you with some information:

  • The admission price for the table games (day ticket) is 2.50 Euro.
  • Entry to our slot machine area is free of charge.
  • To visit our table games or slot machine areas, you will need your passport, an identity card, or official photo ID.
  • The minimum age is 18 years.
  • We ask for an adequate wardrobe (shoes included), which is appropriate to the atmosphere of the casino Wiesbaden. No business look is required. We accept casual clothes. Outfits with offensive imprints, club shirts, sportswear, "hoodies", extremely ripped jeans, mens shorts, tanktops, sandals, flip flops, visible lace boots and headgear are not allowed.

Admission prices:

Day ticket 2.50 Euro    
Weekend ticket 4.00 Euro  
3-Day ticket 5.50 Euro  
7-Day ticket 12.50 Euro  
Multi-day ticket for 10 visits 20.00 Euro  
Monthly ticket 30.00 Euro  
Season ticket for 6 months 50.00 Euro  
Year ticket 90.00 Euro  

Hands Down = Half-Price

With our palm scanner, you can get to your favourite game even faster and more cheaply. You only need to let us scan your hand once and have it stored, along with the data from your ID card, and your hand becomes your future unique ticket for entry into the casino.

Prove you have a lucky hand when you enter: all palm season tickets are available for half the price of a normal season ticket.

Payment Options

ATMs are, of course, available. In addition, we accept almost all major currencies and traveller's cheques.

At Joker'S, our casino’s restaurant, top chef Käfer'S will serve you culinary delights from 6 pm to 1 am.

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