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Your Benefits
Your Benefits

Your Benefits

As a VIP, you will benefit from additional invitations to special events, special opportunities for the games we have on offer and extra chances of winning amounting to over €250,000 a year – all year round!

In addition, you'll be able to enjoy our club specials, with which we surprise you at irregular intervals as a thank-you for your loyalty.

Double Win for Club Members

Club members have a double chance of winning on selected days.

Surprise, Surprise!

Some days, we surprise our club members with a little gift. If you see one of these displays at the reception desk, you can look forward to free admission and a glass of champagne, free parking or 10€ gambling capital (for every 10. Club member).

Our Summer Specials

During the summer holidays, we come up with something special for our club members every year. This year it´s free parking for club members. You may well wonder what you can expect next summer.

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