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The history of blackjack goes back 500 years, and the enthusiasm for this card game has remained untouched all this time. It became socially acceptable in France, where was called "vingt-et-un". Here in Germany it was known as "17 and 4". The Americans turned it into "black Jack" and it was under this name that the game entered casinos in Europe.

The reason for its great success certainly lies in the simplicity of the game's concept. You play against the bank and have to achieve a score that's higher than that of the dealer – but without exceeding 21 points. At the beginning, you receive two cards and can ask for more. If you exceed the score of 21, the bank wins. If you have more points than the bank or even a blackjack, you win. There is one rule in the players' favour: the bank has to draw if its cards total 16 points or less and stand when his cards total 17 points or more.

That's the basic principle. If you want to know all the intricacies and want to be a real blackjack pro, take a look at "How it Works".

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