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Win double
Win double

Joker Jack

Win double with our Joker Jack®

In Wiesbaden, you can win even more at blackjack:with our Joker Jack®,
you can double the normal winnings of your hand.




This is how you can win:

  • A Joker card is added to each dealer’s shoe.
  • The Joker card has no value and isn't one of the normal blackjack cards. It is only a trigger for a possible additional payment. The Joker Jack rule is:
    "If a hand with a joker wins, the normal winnings of that hand are doubled."
  • If a hand containing a Joker is split (e.g. 8, Joker, 8), the box owner decides which of the two hands the Joker will be assigned to before additional cards are dealt.
  • If the bank gets the joker, this has no effect on the winnings.

 Information without guarantee. Current rules in our casino.

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