Club Jackpot

Your benefits

Do you have our Club Card?

Then you can win one of our Club Jackpots on Thursdays on all the gaming machines from 6.30 to 7.30 pm and from 9.30 to 10.30 pm. Your win also automatically qualifies you for the monthly gaming machine tournament.

Your Club Card

We always give absolute priority to your welfare – as shown by the successful introduction of our Bonus Card. In the meantime, the majority of our guests collect points with the free Bonus Card when playing on the gaming machines. The way this works is very simple: you insert your card in the machine and your bonus points are already automatically credited to you after each game. In addition, each game brings you a little closer to our coveted bonus games, where you can win still more lucrative points.

You additionally receive valuable special points on our Men’s Day on Tuesdays or our Women’s Day on Wednesdays, and during our Big Bonus Time.

Only Club Card holders benefit from the many extras and special offers.

Get your card

Don't have a card yet? Then what are you waiting for?! Ask for your personal Club Card application at the cash desk of our gaming machine hall.

Not only will you automatically collect valuable extra points, but you’ll also have the exclusive opportunity to play for extra jackpots. For example, every Thursday you can win a special jackpot on all machines and additionally qualify for the big gaming machine tournament. In this tournament, the winners of a Mystery Room Jackpot and the winners of the Club Jackpots compete for 10,000 euros every first Friday of the month.

Collect extra points

On certain days and at certain times, it’s especially worth using your Club Card. On our Men’s Day on Tuesday or our Women’s Day on Wednesday and during our Big Bonus Time, we reward you with extra points.

Every first Friday of the month, that special time comes round again.
Qualify for our big gaming machine tournament.
Play along for a chance to win 10,000 euros.